TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT is a box from Palma de Mallorca affiliated since 2016. From our humble beginning, at TLC we’ve made our goal changing the lives of those who cross our doors. We work so that adults, youths, seniors, competitors and athletes in general live and enjoy CrossFit as an opportunity to improve their lives.

The TLC training team counts on years of experience in CrossFit, weightlifting activities, gymnastics…


Miguel Ángel Albertí

Miguel Ángel is a native of Palma, although he lived in the United States for some time, where his daughter currently resides. In California, in 2009, he started practicing CrossFit, passionately falling in love with this training methodology, as well as with its style and way of life. Upon his return to Spain and having widened his training in CrossFit for another two years, he certified as CrossFit (L-1) Trainer and started working at the first CrossFit box created in Palma (CrossFit Entreno Cruzado). He has been directing and planning the evolution of CrossFit athletes for the past five years.

Currently he holds the CrossFit L-2 certification.

Given that he began practicing CrossFit at a time when it was not yet a well-known sporting activity in our country, Miguel Ángel has been able to observe this sports’ evolution from close up, being a direct witness and collaborator of this activity’s establishment and professionalization in Mallorca. His reputation in the Balearic Islands’ CrossFit community is recognized, as well as having an extensive network of contacts which expands across Europe as a result of the frequent visits of CrossFit athletes from other European boxes.

Moreover, he also participates frequently in well-known sport competitions, such as the “Spartan Race” which is closely tied to the CrossFit community, as well as extremely tough mountain races.

I consider training to be a fundamental factor, as this is what results in better and higher quality training programs and, consequently, in athletes’ abilities.


Lidia Arrebola Silva

She practiced artistic gymnastics between the age of 3 and 15, when she began her career as a technician. She has worked as a gymnastics trainer at Xelska Club and was the coordinator and trainer of Inef Lleida Club.

She has a degree in INEF (Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the National Institute of Physical Education) and a master’s degree in sport performance, besides being a level II Technician in Artistic Gymnastics and a national Technician in Athletics.


Be loyal and always stay authentic. And then you’ll ask: “How can you always be loyal to oneself?” It isn’t easy. Never listen to anyone who tells you what you should be; listen to your inner voice and discover what you would like to be; remember to always be loyal to that inner voice. It might lead you to danger; if that’s so, live it up, but always stay loyal to that voice. Keep in mind at all times that the first thing is always your being, and never allow for others to manipulate or control you. And there are many who will try to do so. Everyone is wishing to control you, wishing to change you; everybody is anxious to point you in a direction which you haven’t asked for, everyone guides you and gives you advice on how you should live. But the guide exists within you. You’re surrounded by thousands of temptations, since there are many out there who sell their things. The world is a great supermarket and there is not one person who doesn’t want to sell you something; it’s a world filled with salesmen. Don’t listen to anyone; shut your eyes and listen to your inner voice. That’s what it’s about. Staying true to your idea implies honouring a vision and losing in the short-term so that you can gain in the long-term, which is where success resides.

At TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT we want to stay true to our vision and values. We dream big. We don’t settle for the ordinary. And we want to be loyal to an activity which already at its roots was chosen by numerous military academies, police forces and hundreds of elite athletes across the world as a strength and training program. Commitment, humbleness and loyalty are part of TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT’s values which are never going to change. Neither the current commodification of sports nor the numerous ambiguous tendencies which fill us up with impossible promises will alter our loyalty.

Our “STAY TRUE” wants to transmit passion and love for CrossFit, a handing over of loyalty and truth which stands far above fashion and trends. It brings forward an authentic way of life, free from sweeteners. It’s not about another business or another gym, it’s about a meeting point for friends and family to gather around an activity which we are all passionate about. “STAY TRUE” reminds us that when the winds of pleasure and pain blow, our direction shall not change.

Think about how there are more than seven billion people on planet Earth and not two people are the same. What really sets us apart isn’t the color of our skin, our language or our body, but rather what each one of us feels inside. “STAY TRUE”, stay loyal always: the biggest challenge is trying to be yourself when the rest of the world tries to make you be someone else.