One of the disciplines that we develop in CrossFit is the resistance of the athlete. In our Endurance classes we work on this ability, where power and speed are the key.

In these training sessions we seek to improve the athlete’s resistance, through exercises that require maintaining an effort for a longer period of time. In CrossFit Endurance classes, we eliminate unnecessary loads and volumes and increase the duration and intensity of workouts.

Our classes are focused on improving athletes’ physical performance, reducing recovery time, avoiding injury risks and developing power and speed.

Endurance is the English translation of Resistance. In these classes, our athletes work on their resistance.

The physical capabilities developed through these classes are focused on reducing recovery times and avoiding risks of injury, and improving the athlete’s strength. You can’t just focus on enduring more, endurance training goes further.
At CrossFit we train Endurance with high intensity classes, so we can take our bodies to a higher level and in a longer period of time than a WOD, and get used to that level.