These group trainings are the basis of TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT. Beginners, experienced athletes or competitors are all welcome. The variety of movements and their intensity will provide a strong and defined base for the athlete over the course of the weeks and months. These trainings take place throughout the day and are structured as follows:

  • General warm-up.
  • Specific warm-up depending on the muscular areas which are involved in that training.
  • Reviewing and specification of the programmed routine.
  • Control, supervision and correction throughout the training’s execution in order to guarantee safety and adequate intensity.
  • Return to calm or accessory work.

The athlete group varies depending on the time and day, but you will always be able to find a suitable athlete / trainer ratio so as to guarantee the correct supervision and correction of your movements.


Weightlifting is an Olympic sport, also known as Halterofilia, in which the main objective is to raise a bar from the ground over the head. The athletes who practice this sport are known as weightlifters, or heterofiles.

Generally, weightlifting training requires dealing with mental and physical strength, as well as technique and speed. You mainly need to train your body’s functional strength, which is why some athletes from other disciplines, such as athletics, use weightlifting movements in order to increase their explosive strength. Weightlifting is considered one of the strength sports par excellence, which requires not only great mastery of the technique required for the exercises, but also an indispensable mental strength. Training and perseverance are key to being able to perform the movements correctly and, hence, achieving progress.


Our supervised CrossFit training sessions are very varied, fun and effective, providing many different concepts and ideas to develop. However, unfortunately, we don’t have time to do everything in an hour, besides the fact that athletes have other things to do with their lives and daily obligations, which means that you can’t attend the box whenever you want. This is why Open Box is born.

When you cross the door in order to complete your Open Box session, it would be ideal to bring a small plan about what you want to work out.

We all have movements we’re good at, others that we manage to do with more or less difficulties, and others that we are weaker at.

CrossFit is an almost unlimited array of exercises and abilities, and if you don’t work out your weakness your improvement will be very small. If your technique isn’t good, work on it. The margin for improvement is greater in the things we’re worst at. This is always the case.

Spend a good amount of time training your strength, polishing a given technique or simply stretching and moving.

We’re aware that not everyone has the time or availability to come as much as you need to improve enough. This implies that, sometimes, you can’t work on the basic exercises and complete your weekly program. The Open Box is here to help.

The Open Boxes are a great moment for sharing what’s best about CrossFit and strengthening the ties between those who’re sharing their space and suffering. Don’t let it slip away. Come and enjoy alongside your fellow athletes. You won’t regret it. We guarantee it. A great atmosphere is guaranteed.

Gymnastics WOD

We believe that all performance-based fitness and sports programs should have a solid foundation in gymnastics. Gymnastics requires athletes to have a high technical level and work at maximum performance for longer periods of time. Gymnastics WOD is an excellent assistance program for athletes of any level, sport or discipline. We believe that transferring gymnastics knowledge to activities such as running, swimming, cycling, weight lifting and many other sports is key to an athlete’s success. Gymnastics WOD is here to help you train, learn and apply this knowledge.


One of the disciplines that we develop in CrossFit is the resistance of the athlete. In our Endurance classes we work on this ability, where power and speed are the key.

In these training sessions we seek to improve the athlete’s resistance, through exercises that require maintaining an effort for a longer period of time. In CrossFit Endurance classes, we eliminate unnecessary loads and volumes and increase the duration and intensity of workouts.

Our classes are focused on improving athletes’ physical performance, reducing recovery time, avoiding injury risks and developing power and speed.

Endurance is the English translation of Resistance. In these classes, our athletes work on their resistance.

The physical capabilities developed through these classes are focused on reducing recovery times and avoiding risks of injury, and improving the athlete’s strength. You can’t just focus on enduring more, endurance training goes further.
At CrossFit we train Endurance with high intensity classes, so we can take our bodies to a higher level and in a longer period of time than a WOD, and get used to that level.

Personal Trainer

For the most demanding of us, let us introduce our Personal Trainer service. Undoubtedly, this is the best option if you’re seeking to accelerate your progress and have exclusive attention. Either because working in a group isn’t your thing, or because you’re in a rush to see results, or because you’re dragging an injury that we should pay special attention to, or simply because what you’re looking for is more personalized attention and more in line with your specific needs. If any of the above is your case, we invite you to try out our Personal Training service. This is a Premium service designed just for you which will allow you to speed up your progress to the maximum and take you to another level both physically and technically, which is ultimately where we should really focus our attention in order for you to unquestionably reach your goals.