Our supervised CrossFit training sessions are very varied, fun and effective, providing many different concepts and ideas to develop. However, unfortunately, we don’t have time to do everything in an hour, besides the fact that athletes have other things to do with their lives and daily obligations, which means that you can’t attend the box whenever you want. This is why Open Box is born.

When you cross the door in order to complete your Open Box session, it would be ideal to bring a small plan about what you want to work out.

We all have movements we’re good at, others that we manage to do with more or less difficulties, and others that we are weaker at.

CrossFit is an almost unlimited array of exercises and abilities, and if you don’t work out your weakness your improvement will be very small. If your technique isn’t good, work on it. The margin for improvement is greater in the things we’re worst at. This is always the case.

Spend a good amount of time training your strength, polishing a given technique or simply stretching and moving.

We’re aware that not everyone has the time or availability to come as much as you need to improve enough. This implies that, sometimes, you can’t work on the basic exercises and complete your weekly program. The Open Box is here to help.

The Open Boxes are a great moment for sharing what’s best about CrossFit and strengthening the ties between those who’re sharing their space and suffering. Don’t let it slip away. Come and enjoy alongside your fellow athletes. You won’t regret it. We guarantee it. A great atmosphere is guaranteed.


  • Respect the schedule.
  • Be responsible for your movements.
  • Don’t exceed your limits.
  • Take care of the material that you use.
  • Tidy everything up after training.
  • Respect your fellow athletes.
  • Be aware that the Open Box is not a personal class.