We want to make sure that you are comfortable and integrated in your beginnings in TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT. Therefore, complete the following steps:

1. Your first step will be to contact us through this form. Your first introductory session will consist of knowing some questions about CrossFit, learning some of the basic moves, and completing a training customized  to your abilities.

2. After this first contact, you can enjoy another session, completely free, so you can convince yourself that the CrossFit can change your life. You will continue to learn new basic moves and re-test the requirement of a CrossFit training.

3. Once you have completed the two completely free training sessions, choose the rate that best suits your circumstances and start training with the rest of the TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT Community.


We are always pleased to meet athletes from other places, other gyms or boxes. If you have practiced CrossFit in a box affiliated for at least 3 months, we will welcome you to any of the training we offer. We are aware that each box has a different work structure, so you will have 2 free training sessions to familiarize you with our work system and you can choose the rate that best suits your circumstances and objectives.


Nothing fills us more than to receive visits of athletes of boxes from around the world. To visit us and train in TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT, send us an email to and let us know when you are planning to come. To join one of our training sessions or to enjoy an Open Box, we only ask that you have at least 3 months of experience in Cross Fit. If you are going to come a single day, the fee is 15 euros, but if you are going to train with us more time, contact us to offer you an appropriate discount. Also, note the following information:

Arrive 10 minutes before the training scheduled to be able to introduce ourselves and show you the box.

Remember that training begins soon, so go in, get ready and feel at home.

You may notice that in TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT we do things different than in your box.

Our priority is to train our athletes and you can learn something new while you are here.

We may ask you not to come and train at certain times that we are usually busier.

Remember that training begins soon, so go in, get ready and feel at home.

Keep in mind that we are on an island with a warm and humid climate, so do not forget to hydrate well before, during and after training.

We hope you enjoy your experience in TRUE LOVE CROSSFIT, our community and, perhaps, our music. If there is something that has bothered you or you hasn’t liked it, please let us know.

If it matches or if it’s  possible, we would like to invite you to one of our barbecues or beach days.

What we do know is that we hope to see you soon here !!