Strength Club

Strength Club is a sport program where you work out three fundamental exercises that are mandatory in any routine of any person who trains with loads, regardless of their objective: squats, bench presses and deadlifts. Unlike weightlifting, these exercises’ movements have a somewhat smaller trajectory as they don’t start from the ground. While technique, and especially the binomial of strength-speed, are very important in weightlifting, maximum strength is more important in our approach of Strength Club.

The exercises that are programmed at Strength Club are basic mult-ijoint exercises which involve large muscle groups, essential in the development of strength and also towards having clear muscular hypertrophy. The anabolic environment that is generated following a good squat session is practically unbeatable, to not mention the great number of muscles that we exercise.

We must take into account the basic guidelines for a continuous progression of strength building, during which we’ll set a few weeks for strength accumulation, increasing series and maintaining weight, in order to follow this with a decreasing in the number of series and an increase in the weight.

As in any sport, frequency is key, and if we can train during more days, we’ll undoubtedly progress faster. The more frequent the training, the more energy we’ll use up, which means that our diet should also increase and better. If we want to advance in this sport, it’s usually advisable one maintains a moderate hypercaloric diet, or at least a normocaloric one.

This type of training should be well planned given that each training is structured taking into account the volume and intensity of each session. Therefore, a correct periodization is key.